Part of speech: verb

To join as by a clamp.

Part of speech: noun

A device for holding or binding together two or more parts.

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Usage examples "clamp":

  1. There are no dowel or clamp- holes preserved and it is impossible to recover the dimensions of the original block. - "Problems in Periclean Buildings", G. W. Elderkin.
  2. Brer Rabbit he kick en squeal, but 't ain't do no manner er good, 'kaze de mo' w'at he kick de mo' tighter Brer Wolf clamp 'im, w'ich he squoze 'im so hard dat Brer Rabbit wuz fear'd he 'uz gwine ter cut off he breff. - "Nights With Uncle Remus", Joel Chandler Harris.
  3. He knew he held her by fear of trouble to Phil and by means of a sort of magnetic clamp he had always imposed upon her will. - "Steve Yeager", William MacLeod Raine.