Part of speech: verb

To record.

Part of speech: noun

A register of events in the order of time.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "chronicle":

  1. All the distinguished personages of his chronicle were there, and the boar, and the wolf, and the bear were among them. - "The Man-Wolf and Other Tales", Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian.
  2. And me to this foul filthy o'ergrown Chronicle? - "The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. I (of 6)", Aphra Behn.
  3. The " Warkworth Chronicle" says, " He was ever afterwardes greatly behated among the people for this disordynate dethe that he used, contrary to the laws of the lande." - "The Last Of The Barons, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.