Part of speech: verb

To fit in tightly.

Part of speech: noun

A block or wedge.

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Usage examples "chock":

  1. But they're so chock- full of go that they fair runs away with their selves. - "The Story of Dago", Annie Fellows-Johnston.
  2. The boat, half smothered in canvas, with Silva and Mr. Ham passing from end to end, and the whale line already running out through the chock in the bow, was a picture of confusion thrice confounded. - "The Sea Bride", Ben Ames Williams.
  3. Dish yer wuz de time w'en ole Brer Rabbit wuz gwine 'long de big road, en he meet Mr. Man drivin' 'long wid a waggin chock full er money. - "Nights With Uncle Remus", Joel Chandler Harris.