What does the word chipmunk mean?

Usage examples for chipmunk

  1. Chippy Chipmunk gave me two quarters to buy him two Thrift Stamps, and Squirrel Nutcracker handed me a lettuce dollar bill to buy him four, and Busy Beaver gave me a fifty- cent piece to buy him two, and Parson Owl just now pinned in my inside pocket a ten- dollar lettuce bill to pay for forty stamps." – Little Jack Rabbit and the Squirrel Brothers by David Cory
  2. He tries very hard to look pleasant, as if he saw a chipmunk at the foot of a tree, or as if he thought Mr. Beckwith was squeezing little worms of white paint out of little tubes just for his amusement. – A Boy I Knew and Four Dogs by Laurence Hutton
  3. A chipmunk, with inquisitive eyes, sat on the root of a knotted oak, but he whisked away when Menard and the canoemen stepped into the shallow water. – The Road to Frontenac by Samuel Merwin