Part of speech: noun

A West - African ape, about 5 feet in height.

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Usage examples "chimpanzee":

  1. But the sheet had now vanished, and before and exposed to my view lay an enormous ape, a chimpanzee I fancy, which was strapped to the bench exactly in the same fashion and attitude as Sir Charles Venner's patient. - "First Person Paramount", Ambrose Pratt.
  2. You could get a chimpanzee to collate reports like that. - "Brain Twister", Gordon Randall Garrett Laurence Mark Janifer.
  3. Barney's a tender- foot at this game; he'll never cut a figure in the 'Calendar, ' why, not if he lives to be a chimpanzee in the human menagerie. - "The Man Who Drove the Car", Max Pemberton.