What does the word chimerical mean?

Usage examples for chimerical

  1. Even if he goes too far out of his way to avoid evils, and makes an unnecessary sacrifice of pleasure, he is, in reality, not the worse off for that; for all pleasures are chimerical, and to mourn for having lost any of them is a frivolous, and even ridiculous proceeding. – Counsels and Maxims From The Essays Of Arthur Schopenhauer by Arthur Schopenhauer
  2. In this mad rush of ambitious selfishness, such a life aim may seem chimerical, yet it is the only aim that will reach, attain, endure. – Quit Your Worrying! by George Wharton James
  3. The latter plan possessed important advantages but was a hazardous undertaking and because of the apparently insuperable difficulties involved, seemed almost chimerical. – The History of Company A, Second Illinois Cavalry by Samuel H. Fletcher