Part of speech: verb

To ring musically; harmonize; agree.

Part of speech: noun

A set of bells tuned to a scale; harmony; agreement.

Part of speech: noun

The rim formed by the projecting staves around the edge of a barrel, cask, or tub, or one of the stave - ends so projecting.

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Usage examples "chime":

  1. Rebecca heard the midnight chime Ring out the yawning peal of time, When shrouded Paul, unlucky knave! - "Poems", Sir John Carr.
  2. Above is a very rare dyall of several motions with a chime. - "The Story of Paris", Thomas Okey.
  3. Rudy gave but a single glance and it seemed as though he saw a gold ring, rolling, shining and sporting- he thought on his lost engagement ring- and the ring grew larger, widened into a sparkling circle and within it shone the clear glacier; all about yawned endless deep chasms; the water dropped and sounded like a chime of bells, and shone with bluish- white flames. - "The Ice-Maiden: and Other Tales.", Hans Christian Andersen.