Part of speech: noun

An ornamental cabinet or a high, narrow bureau.

Part of speech: noun

A ragpicker.

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Usage examples "chiffonier":

  1. Dick had several new ties, and Sister had to admire these before she could leave the chiffonier. - "Brother and Sister", Josephine Lawrence.
  2. He had seen Mrs. Condor deftly construct a card- table out of an easy- chair, and he had no doubt that the oak table in the center of the room could have been converted into a chiffonier or a chassis- lounge at a given signal. - "The Blood Red Dawn", Charles Caldwell Dobie.
  3. Do you wish the chiffonier or the bureau this year, Anne, for your things? - "Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College", Jessie Graham Flower.