Part of speech: verb

To mark with squares; diversify.

Part of speech: noun

A piece in the game of checkers.

Part of speech: noun

A square in a checkered surface.

Part of speech: noun

A game played on a checker - board; draughts.

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Usage examples "checker":

  1. There were garter- snakes, dreaded of the little frogs, but timid of most things; there was a small snake of wonderful swiftness and as green as the grass into which it darted; there were the water pilots, sunning themselves in coils upon the driftwood in the water, swart of color, thick of form and offensive of aspect; there were the milk- snakes, yellowish gray, with wonderful banded sides and with checker- board designs in black upon their yellow bellies. - "A Man and a Woman", Stanley Waterloo.
  2. It was a land of slow- winding streams and straight canals and flat fields, with here and there a clump of woods or a slight rise of ground, but for the most part level and monotonous, a checker- board landscape- stretching away until the eyes rested on the low hills beyond Ypres. - "The Valley of Vision", Henry Van Dyke.
  3. When yer last year's suit shrank and the squares got crooked ye looked like a damaged checker- board! - "The Place Beyond the Winds", Harriet T. Comstock.