Part of speech: noun

A chain or chains hanging from a woman's belt for holding small articles.

Part of speech: noun

The mistress of a chateau.

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Usage examples "chatelaine":

  1. In another quarter of an hour the monk had departed as he came, taking up his basket again at the gateway and leaving with the chatelaine his heartiest blessing. - "Cedric, the Forester", Bernard Gay Marshall.
  2. Miss Aline, said the lad, with a frankness which made the good chatelaine like him the better, I rode over to see Patsy Ferris. - "Patsy", S. R. Crockett.
  3. Bright and early the next morning, with her little gold- chain purse containing the necessary funds dangling from her chatelaine, she appeared at the assay office, and purchased there a shining bar of the lustrous metal, returning to her home in time for luncheon. - "Jack and the Check Book", John Kendrick Bangs.