Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: verb

To mark with chalk.

Part of speech: noun

A soft, white limestone, or a piece of it, used for marking.

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Usage examples "chalk":

  1. I never let on, but Mis' Ash's cookin's the best by a long chalk. - "A Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches", Sarah Orne Jewett.
  2. Yes, it was In There that you wanted to Run a Hundred Yards with any Man Present for Chalk, Money, or Marbles. - "More Fables", George Ade.
  3. Then, dipping my left forefinger in the little jar, I went 'round the circle again, making upon the floor, just within the line of chalk, the Second Sign of the Saaamaaa Ritual, and joining each Sign most carefully with the left- handed crescent. - "Carnacki, The Ghost Finder", William Hope Hodgson.