Part of speech: verb

To cover with or join by cement; unite; cohere.

Part of speech: noun

A substance for joining objects by adhesion; a mortar - like substance for producing a hard, smooth, or water - proof surface.

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Usage examples "cement":

  1. One of the lower windows was made just large enough to admit my person, and after entering I had to close it and fix it in its place firmly with cement, which, when I wished to quit the vessel, would have again to be removed. - "Across the Zodiac", Percy Greg.
  2. What do you suppose we've been doing all this cement construction along this gallery for the last couple of shifts? - "The Boy With the U.S. Miners", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.
  3. And this regret had, in the end, led him to try and cement that arrangement in the second generation. - "The Settling of the Sage", Hal G. Evarts.