Part of speech: noun

A great waterfall.

Part of speech: noun

Opacity of a lens of the eye.

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Usage examples "cataract":

  1. On a protected floor the two stood for a moment, listening to the roar of the cataract that had cut them off their refuge. - "Nan of Music Mountain", Frank H. Spearman.
  2. The cataract of starbeams rushed past them in a flood of gold. - "A Prisoner in Fairyland", Algernon Blackwood.
  3. First I say I knew her when she first came to my class Turned seventeen just then- such blue- bell eyes, And such a cataract of dark brown hair, And such a brow, sweet lips, and such a way Of talking with a cunning gasp, as if To catch breath for the words. - "Domesday Book", Edgar Lee Masters.