Part of speech: noun

A card or paper; a bill of fare.

Part of speech: noun

A position in fencing.

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Usage examples "carte":

  1. " Call Herman, Jim," he said, then, as the man disappeared, he went on to us, " I have given Herman carte- blanche instructions to conduct a thorough investigation. - "Guy Garrick", Arthur B. Reeve.
  2. I will give you a carte, and when we meet you shall call upon me for a detail of any or all of its contents. - "Records of a Girlhood", Frances Ann Kemble.
  3. Simply give me carte blanche in this matter, let me have the materials to work with, afford me the advantage of your advice and assistance whenever I shall need them, and I promise you that by the time we have arrived over the site of New York we shall be prepared for the descent. - "The Second Deluge", Garrett P. Serviss.