What does the word caricature mean?

Usage examples for caricature

  1. Young as I then was, but learning my weekly lessons from the " Nation," I can remember how my blood boiled one day when I saw in a shop window a cartoon of " Punch"- a large potato, which was a caricature of O'Connell's head and face, with the title-" The Real Potato Blight." – The Life Story of an Old Rebel by John Denvir
  2. It possesses the literary quality that marked his more mature illustrations, and evinces the quality of reticence that preserved his humor from becoming caricature. – The Martian by George Du Maurier
  3. This exceedingly amusing but terribly earnest caricature of the sentiments of the High Anglican party at first deceived and alarmed the Dissenters themselves. – A History of Freedom of Thought by John Bagnell Bury