Part of speech: adjective

Containing or yoelding carbon or coal.

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Usage examples "carboniferous":

  1. The high- grade coals of the eastern and central United States are found in rocks of Carboniferous age. - "The Economic Aspect of Geology", C. K. Leith.
  2. The greater number of the productive coal deposits of the United States are of Carboniferous age, and the distribution of sediments of this age is pretty well understood from general geologic mapping. - "The Economic Aspect of Geology", C. K. Leith.
  3. It is the theory of geologists that ten thousand feet of strata have been swept by erosion from the surface of this entire platform, whose present uppermost formation is the Carboniferous; the deduction being based upon the fact that the missing Permian, Mesozoic, and Tertiary formations, which belong above this Carboniferous in the series, are found in their place at the beginning of the northern terraces referred to. - "The Life Radiant", Lilian Whiting.