Part of speech: noun

A striated stone or shell, carved in relief.

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Usage examples "cameo":

  1. Even in the shape of the hand, the clear cameo- like profile of the faces, and the detail of the feathers on the angels' wings, the relationship between these painters is marked, and comparison between the frescoes at Arezzo and the paintings in the Accademia will be found to reveal these and other points of close contact. - "Great Masters in Painting: Perugino", George C. Williamson.
  2. There was no reason why he should not bend the knee before this exquisite little cameo, that by its very presence was giving him an hour of perfect pleasure and of aesthetic joy. - "El Dorado", Baroness Orczy.
  3. And he liked the huge old- fashioned cameo that fastened it. - "Kenny", Leona Dalrymple.