Part of speech: noun

A car for a freight train crew.

Part of speech: noun

The cook's galley on a ship.

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Usage examples "caboose":

  1. Over and over again we were pooped, our bulwarks were carried away, the boats smashed, the caboose and pretty nigh everything else on deck swept clean off. - "A Chapter of Adventures", G. A. Henty.
  2. " You see," said he to Philosopher Jack, as they chanced one dark night to have a few minutes' talk together near the weather gangway, where Watty paused on his way to the caboose with a soup- tureen, " as the captain says, I've made the bed myself, so I must lie on it and I'm resolved to lie straight, and not kick." - "Philosopher Jack", R.M. Ballantyne.
  3. The mate paid the fare, and gave us something to drink; and we passed an hour or more warming ourselves at the caboose, and talking with the seamen. - "Poor Jack", Frederick Marryat.