Part of speech: noun

One who stands by; a looker on.

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Usage examples "bystander":

  1. " A bystander often sees more of the game than those that play," answered Bianca. - "The Castle of Otranto", Horace Walpole.
  2. A few minutes before her famished heart had tasted a drop and crumb of nourishment, that, if freely given, would have brought back abundance of life where life was failing; but the generous feast was snatched from her, spread before another, and she remained but a bystander at the banquet. - "Shirley", Charlotte Brontë.
  3. Any casual bystander waiting to use the pay phones at that moment would have seen a remarkable transformation in the brown- haired boy at the row of phones. - "Underground", Suelette Dreyfus.