Part of speech: noun

A measure of capacity; four pecks, or a vessel that holds it.

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Usage examples "bushel":

  1. The Europeans, of course, preferred to settle near the Cherokees, from whom they could obtain their Indian corn at fifty cents a bushel, while the American planters demanded two dollars, and sometimes three. - "Monsieur Violet", Frederick Marryat.
  2. Hold it, dear, every bushel, and, before you yield an inch, let them break you if they can. - "By Right of Purchase", Harold Bindloss.
  3. If one bushel of wheat is produced with ten hours' labor, a second with eight hours' labor and a third with six hours' labor, the average is eight hours, and we may fix the value of the bushel of wheat according. - "The Value of Money", Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr..