Part of speech: noun

A writing- desk.

Part of speech: noun

A chest of drawers for clothing, etc.

Part of speech: noun

A public department; a staff of literary workers, or the place where the work is done.

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Usage examples "bureau":

  1. She had seen it on madame's bureau, and thought madame wished it there. - "A Modern Chronicle, Volume 5", Winston Churchill.
  2. Then Mrs. Latham gave a sigh of relief that the interview was over, threw the papers into a bureau drawer, called to the maid, who had been all the while listening in the dressing room, to prepare to arrange her hair, and, taking the chances that Sylvia would keep her room, at least for some hours, wrote a hasty note to Monty Bell, inviting him to luncheon. - "People of the Whirlpool", Mabel Osgood Wright.
  3. He went into his dressing room and fetched the photograph of her that he had thought it advisable to keep on his bureau. - "The Whirligig of Time", Wayland Wells Williams.