Part of speech:

A branding iron.

Part of speech: noun

A sword.

Part of speech: verb

To mark with a brand; stigmatize; imprint indelibly.

Part of speech: noun

A firebrand; a mark burnt with a hot iron; trade- mark; stigma.

Part of speech: noun

Quality; kind.

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Usage examples "brand":

  1. So he waited whilst An- ina advanced with her fire brand. - "The Heart of Unaga", Ridgwell Cullum.
  2. Now, give me the brand and go and tell the cook. - "The Garden Of Allah", Robert Hichens.
  3. Stooping, he drew a brand from the fire, and the men looked at one another uneasily when he held it up. - "Delilah of the Snows", Harold Bindloss.