Part of speech: adjective

Without brain; senseless; stupid.

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Usage examples "brainless":

  1. The culture of the land is no longer plodding, ox- like drudgery, nor is the farm a place of humdrum, brainless routine. - "Nature's Serial Story", E. P. Roe.
  2. Amorous and martial, brainless and monotonous Must be the moralist in the satirist if satire is to strike Mutual deference My engagement to Mr. Pericles is that I am not to write My mistress! - "Quotes and Images From The Works of George Meredith", George Meredith Edited and Arranged by David Widger.
  3. As we passed slowly through the crowded streets- for the National Pilgrimage was but now arriving- we saw endless rows of shops and booths sheltering beneath tall white blank houses, as correct and as expressionless as a brainless, well- bred man. - "Lourdes", Robert Hugh Benson.