Part of speech: noun

One who plays at bowls.

Part of speech: noun

Cricket. The player who delivers the ball.

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Usage examples "bowler":

  1. He sat down on a seat, at the other end of which was a little man with a bowler hat, spectacles and his coat collar turned up. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.
  2. Run in to your mother, Isabel, and ask her where my bowler hat's been put. - "The Garden Party", Katherine Mansfield.
  3. We had more than one opportunity on the present occasion of seeing that persons look supremely ridiculous if they stumble about, and we noticed also that, like a bowler when he has delivered a long hop to the off for the third time in one over, the stumbler invariably inspects the nails in his boots, a proceeding which deceives no one. - "Above the Snow Line", Clinton Thomas Dent.