Part of speech: adjective

Ox- like; slow; stupid.

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Usage examples "bovine":

  1. Since the tubercle bacillus of bovine origin differs from the tubercle bacillus of human origin in certain well- defined particulars, it is possible by careful study to distinguish the human infections caused by the bovine bacillus from those caused by the so- called human tubercle bacillus. - "Food Poisoning", Edwin Oakes Jordan.
  2. The brave and sonorous language with which our commander set forth his plan of assault captured our imaginations, and we all longed for the moment when the word of command should permit us to swarm up the sides and over the rail of the old bovine. - "The Busted Ex-Texan and Other Stories", W. H. H. Murray.
  3. Mr. Gashwiler instantly forgot his theme,- began to ply the lady with a certain bovine- like gallantry, which it is to be said to her credit she parried with a playful, terrier- like dexterity, when the servant suddenly announced, " Mr. Wiles." - "The Story of a Mine", Bret Harte.