Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Bounteous; generous; abundant.

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Usage examples "bountiful":

  1. A bountiful harvest, which has been vouchsafed to Oregon while many Eastern States and many European countries have had to mourn because of drought or excessive rain and consequent scarcity, has again proved how highly favored by position and climate is this Western nook. - "Two Years in Oregon", Wallis Nash.
  2. And even though the boundary line between intellect and consciousness be not always as clearly defined as here we seem to assume, even though a beautiful thought in itself may be often a goodly action- yet, none the less will a beautiful thought, that springs not from noble deed, or wherefrom noble deed shall not spring, add but little unto our felicity; whereas a good deed, though it father no thought, will ever fall like soft bountiful rain on our knowledge of happiness. - "Wisdom and Destiny", Maurice Maeterlinck.
  3. She attributed the happy result in a good degree to the counsel and wisdom of her husband, and recurred with great delight to her own bountiful hospitality to the fugitive loyalists. - "Hansford: A Tale of Bacon's Rebellion", St. George Tucker.