Part of speech: adjective

Strong; large; exaggerated; boastful; untruthful.

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Usage examples "bouncing":

  1. We followed along the bank, and I think Tish found a sort of grim humor in seeing the young man bouncing up into the air and coming down on the wheel, for I turned once and found her smiling faintly. - "More Tish", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
  2. But down- down- down went the stone, bouncing and knocking and echoing as it struck against the precipice wall- down- down- down till it was no larger than a spool- then out of sight- and silence! - "The Story of the Trapper", A. C. Laut.
  3. Yes, I know, agreed Mr. Bouncing, but I'm not going to be caught like that. - "The Dark Tower", Phyllis Bottome.