Part of speech: verb

To cause to bound; move with a bound.

Part of speech: noun

A bounding or elastic motion; spring; leap; bound; rebound.

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Usage examples "bounce":

  1. Colonel Thurgood, looking more like a patient every minute, sat on the edge of his chair at the head of a long table and pounded with his fist on the wooden surface, making Miss Abercrombie's chart book bounce with every beat. - "A Filbert Is a Nut", Rick Raphael.
  2. One of the devotees was so shocked that she dropped a plate or something, and, to put it coarsely, Hezekiah got the bounce. - "The Siege of the Seven Suitors", Meredith Nicholson.
  3. I'd bounce at that thought, and get all kind of warmed up inside. - "Torchy", Sewell Ford.