Part of speech: noun

A limb of a tree.

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Usage examples "bough":

  1. As I sit in my study and look out of the window I see a strip of paper, with my right eye, in front of a certain bough on a tree a couple of hundred yards away; with my left eye the paper is no longer in front of that bough, it has moved to a position near the outline of the tree. - "The Story of the Heavens", Robert Stawell Ball.
  2. The north pasture is a wilderness this year, the loaf of bread, the jug of wine and the bough are waiting. - "Blister Jones", John Taintor Foote.
  3. Gradually the veil lifted; things stood out, black against black, then black against grey; straight majesty of tree- trunks, bending lines of bough and spray, tender grace of ferns. - "Marie", Laura E. Richards.