Part of speech: noun

The spoil of war; plunder; gain.

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Usage examples "booty":

  1. " Gimme back that surplus," she said to the Jew, who seemed loath to relinquish his booty. - "Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley", Belle K. Maniates.
  2. The remainder of the night was passed in giving chase to the fugitives, who, at last, halted at a bend of the river, in a position that could not be forced without great loss of life; so the Indians left them, and, after having collected all the horses and the booty they thought worth taking away, they burnt the waggons and returned to their own camp. - "Monsieur Violet", Frederick Marryat.
  3. They had observed that a single ant finding a bit of booty too large for him to handle alone would return to the ant- city and return with others. - "The Mad Planet", Murray Leinster.