Part of speech: noun

Money; esp., bribe - money or corruption funds.

Part of speech: noun

A lot or pack; crowd; as, the whole kit and boodle.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "boodle":

  1. He had mixed with a bad crowd in Vancouver, had gotten into a gambling concern, " on the right side of the table," and had " slit his own pardner's throat, both figuratively and literally, making away with the boodle." - "Wolf Breed", Jackson Gregory.
  2. Captain Boodle says he knows a cousin of yours, Mr. Clavering. - "The Claverings", Anthony Trollope.
  3. Billy received the boodle as if it had been chewing gum or a soiled handkerchief, and stuffed it indifferently into his already bulging pocket in a crumple as if it were not worth the effort. - "The City of Fire", Grace Livingston Hill.