Part of speech: adjective

Mortgaged, as property; secured by bonds, as a debt.

Part of speech: adjective

Held in bond for payment of duties.

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Usage examples "bonded":

  1. At last, after years of search throughout the state, we found our ideal location for a colony, and I bonded over 6, 000 acres of fertile, well- wooded lands, returned home, formed a syndicate, and paid for our tract, to which we gave the appropriate suggestive name of " Woodlawn." - "The Gentleman from Everywhere", James Henry Foss.
  2. I suppose Clayte was bonded- for what that's worth? - "The Million-Dollar Suitcase", Alice MacGowan Perry Newberry.
  3. The Visiter denied that the advertisement was immoral, and carried the war into Africa- that old man- stealing Africa- and there took the ground that chattel slavery never did exist among the Jews; that what we now charge upon them as such was a system of bonded servitude; that the contract was originally between master and servant; the consideration of the labor paid to the servant; that in all cases of transfer, the master sold to another that portion of the time and labor of the servant, which were still due; that there was no hint of any man selling a free man into slavery for the benefit of the seller; that the servants bought from " the heathen around about," were bought from themselves, or in part at least, for their benefit, to bring them under general law and into the church; that nothing like American slavery was ever known in the days of Moses, or any other day than that of this great Republic, since our slavery was " the vilest that ever saw the sun," John Wesley being witness. - "Half a Century", Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm.