Part of speech: noun

A sugarplum; confection.

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Usage examples "bonbon":

  1. But step over one of these bridges where false white flowers hang in scented clusters: go softly through that Bonbon grove, and there in an alcove fretted to the semblance of wrought ivory, you shall see two masks that are enraptured beneath a white moon- lantern, tracing the melody with long caresses. - "The Passionate Elopement", Compton Mackenzie.
  2. " I think she showed very little judgment," said Rosamond, selecting a bonbon with care. - "Miss Pat at Artemis Lodge", Pemberton Ginther.
  3. " Now I think we may go back," said Hildegarde, after her third bonbon. - "Hildegarde's Home", Laura E. Richards.