Part of speech: noun

A high cold wind with blinding snow.

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Usage examples "blizzard":

  1. Chapter 4 Big Belt talked to himself in that blizzard of fire. - "Red Fleece", Will Levington Comfort.
  2. It gets bigger every year an' that blizzard didn't make much difference in th' work, neither, Buck replied. - "Hopalong Cassidy", Clarence E. Mulford.
  3. The telegraph line, somewhere between Tabernacle and the country which lay over the bleak, now deadly range, was a shattered thing, with poles buried in drifts, with loose strands of wire swinging in the gusts of the blizzard, with ice coated upon the insulations, and repair- until the sun should come and the snows melt- an almost impossible task. - "The White Desert", Courtney Ryley Cooper.