What does the word blinder mean?

Usage examples for blinder

  1. And he said: " Thou knowest my thought, and wise- hearted art thou grown: It were well if thine eyes were blinder, and we each were faring alone, And I with my eld and my wisdom, and thou with thy youth and thy might; Yet whiles I dream I have wrought thee, a beam of the morning bright, A fatherless motherless glory, to work out my desire; Then high my hope ariseth, and my heart is all afire For the world I behold from afar, and the day that yet shall be; Then I wake and all things I remember and a youth of the Kings I see- - The child of the Wood- abider, the seed of a conquered King, The sword that the Gods have fashioned, the fate that men shall sing:- Ah might the world run backward to the days of the Dwarfs of old, When I hewed out the pillars of crystal, and smoothed the walls of gold!" – The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs by William Morris