Part of speech: verb

To dim; obscure; blur.

Part of speech: adjective

Dimmed; dull; bleared.

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Usage examples "blear":

  1. The man was blear- eyed, with a hare- lip, through which protruded two dreadful yellow teeth that resembled the tusks of a boar. - "Roughing it in the Bush", Susanna Moodie.
  2. V. And now it comes again, and with its eye Bloodshot and blear, though pallid in its face, Doth point, exacting, to the very place Where I do keep, that no one may descry, A lady's glove, a ribbon, and a dry, A perjur'd rose, which oft I did embrace. - "Love Letters of a Violinist and Other Poems", Eric Mackay.
  3. Yet each evening comes the ragged twopenny minstrel- a blear- eyed, croaking minstrel, and the good folk give him ear. - "Erik Dorn", Ben Hecht.