Part of speech: noun

A shield.

Part of speech: verb

To proclaim; publish; inscribe; decorate; emblazon.

Part of speech: noun

A coat of arms; show; proclamation.

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Usage examples "blazon":

  1. He made for a quiet street, turned up a narrow court, and passed in through a glazed swing door upon whose embossed pane appeared the blazon of the Medici family- the three golden pills- the crest of the generous relative-" mine uncle" of the borrower high and low, and the minute after he stood in darkness in a narrow box. - "Blind Policy", George Manville Fenn.
  2. Now she was resolved to blazon forth her engagement before all the world. - "The Eustace Diamonds", Anthony Trollope.
  3. Or any such nauseous blazon? - "The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood", Thomas Hood.