Part of speech: adjective

Noisy; blustering.

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Usage examples "blatant":

  1. A purposed, blatant parading of the player's dear self through wilful additions of nuances, shadings, effects, and what not, is tantamount to a falsification; at best it is " playing to the galleries," charlatanism. - "Piano Playing With Piano Questions Answered", Josef Hofmann.
  2. With a zeal deserving a better cause, many who stand high as professed Christians and teachers join hands with the rankest, most blatant infidels, and press this, to them, unanswerable objection to Christ dying for our sins as our substitute. - "God's Plan with Men", T. T. (Thomas Theodore) Martin.
  3. I have not flaunted my private life, my wretched sin- The sin of an angel- She shrank from the blatant insincerity of the words, and still more from the tone. - "The Judgment House", Gilbert Parker.