Part of speech: verb

To cause to incline; influence unduly; prejudice.

Part of speech: adjective

Running diagonally across the texture; cut slantingly, as cloth.

Part of speech: noun

A line, cut, or seam running obliquely across the threads of a fabric.

Part of speech: noun

A mental leaning or prejudice.

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Usage examples "bias":

  1. His sense of prudence, and the bias derived from his particular legal studies, restrain, rather curiously, the inclination which his feelings in other directions show; but it is best to let him speak for himself:- The Rev. - "Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott, Volume 2", Robert Ornsby.
  2. Their knowledge is not perfect; their judgment is not infallible, nor are their official decisions always pure and free from bias. - "Monopolies and the People", D. C. Cloud.
  3. We are, I think, on surer ground when, admitting a national bias towards material benevolence, and not denying some stimulus from literature and philosophy, we assign the main credit of our social regeneration to the Evangelical revival. - "Collections and Recollections", George William Erskine Russell.