Part of speech: noun

Engagement to marry. betrothment.

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Usage examples "betrothal":

  1. Later on, when he was in the village, making his usual round of visits among the sick and poor, and receiving the affectionate good wishes of many who had heard the news of his betrothal, he saw Dr. Forsyth driving up to the Manor in his gig with another man beside him, who, as he rightly guessed, was no other than the celebrated Italian specialist, Santori. - "God's Good Man", Marie Corelli.
  2. But when it came to Algernon asking his guests for the dinner- party in honour of his betrothal and her arrival at Tilling, no doubt the Contessa would have said, " Algernon, I beg...." - "Miss Mapp", Edward Frederic Benson.
  3. But where they were able to afford it, they preferred the betrothal system, as giving them more consequence. - "Woman: Man's Equal", Thomas Webster.