Part of speech: noun

A colorless, inflammable, and explosive liquid obtained from petroleum, used to cleanse clothing, etc.

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Usage examples "benzine":

  1. Gladys Norman jumped to her feet, knocking over the benzine bottle and dropping her brush into the vitals of the machine. - "Malcolm Sage, Detective", Herbert George Jenkins.
  2. If there is any danger, benzine should not be used, as the whole sheet may be cleared of grease marks almost equally well by covering it with a layer of chalk, placing a piece of blotting paper on the top of it, and pressing with a hot iron. - "Book Collecting A Guide for Amateurs", John Herbert Slater.
  3. And when he had adventured afield into wider pastures more in harmony with his talents, where the cards were not soiled nor the air pungent with printers' ink and benzine, he had taken with him a tendency to quiet tones of speech and quietness of movement. - "Every Man for Himself", Hopkins Moorhouse.