Part of speech: adjective

Warlike; bellicose.

Part of speech: adjective

Engaged in or pertaining to warfare.

Part of speech: noun

A nation engaged in legitimate warfare.

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Usage examples "belligerent":

  1. The ordinary fall rains could scarcely more than cover the broad, pebbly bottom, and the unsophisticated laughed and said that I reminded them of a general who trained a forty- pound gun on a belligerent mouse. - "Success With Small Fruits", E. P. Roe.
  2. He has even been known to drive off woodpeckers and bluebirds from the hollows in the trees that he, like them, chooses for a nest, and appropriate the results of their labor for his scarcely less belligerent mate. - "Bird-Neighbors", Blanchan, Neltje.
  3. Clifford's belligerent attitude had relaxed slightly at his sister's declaration. - "Peggy Owen and Liberty", Lucy Foster Madison.