Part of speech:


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Usage examples "beholden":

  1. She felt she really could not be beholden to this strange young man for everything, even a Stores number; and that she had better make the situation clear at once that she had come to take care of Fay and not to be an additional anxiety to him. - "Jan and Her Job", L. Allen Harker.
  2. Caroline clasps you in her arms with a saintly embrace, thanks you for your advice, and loves you the more for it; she wishes to be beholden to you for everything, even for her intellect; she may be a dunce, but, what is better than saying fine things, she knows how to do them! - "Petty Troubles of Married Life, Part First", Honore de Balzac.
  3. And I never will be beholden to him as long as I live- never. - "The Spinners", Eden Phillpotts.