Part of speech: adjective

Behind time; late; behind; backward; in arrears.

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Usage examples "behindhand":

  1. But the meal- time did come, and as soon as tea was over, instead of going into the play- field with the others, I sat down alone, sore, aching, and disconsolate, to try and master some of the things Mr Hasnip had said I was behindhand in. - "Burr Junior", G. Manville Fenn.
  2. As her fine house was very perfectly and meticulously furnished, she treated the presence of Clifford as an outrage in any room but this particularly practical and saddle- bag old apartment, where there was still a corner with a little low chair in it, and boxes full of toys and other things, which were not only far outgrown by Clifford, but which were absolutely never seen nowadays at all, and would be considered far behindhand as amusements for a child of four. - "Bird of Paradise", Ada Leverson.
  3. The heart of this young fellow was in a hurry all the greater because it was so much behindhand. - "Pierre and Luce", Romain Rolland.