Part of speech: verb

To be suitable for; be worthy of.

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Usage examples "befit":

  1. Ilbrahim, seated by the side of his adopted mother, and retaining fast hold of her hand, assumed a grave and decorous demeanor, such as might befit a person of matured taste and understanding, who should find him self in a temple dedicated to some worship which he did not recognize, but felt himself bound to respect. - "From-Twice-Told-Tales", Hawthorne, Nathaniel.
  2. When Sir Bloedel heard the guerdon, and that the lady through her beauty would befit him well, he weened to serve the lovely queen in strife. - "The Nibelungenlied", Unknown.
  3. Knight of St. John, I know thy secret projects, subterfuge and evasion neither befit nor avail thee. - "Rienzi", Edward Bulwer Lytton.