What does the word beech mean?

Usage examples for beech

  1. She had not seen this dearest of her children for six months, and it was the first opportunity she had had since his arrival the evening before of being alone with him, for he had brought a friend with him from Berlin, and not till after luncheon had the friend, who painted, been satisfactorily disposed of out of doors in the park, where he announced his intention of staying as long as the sun stayed on a certain beech- tree. – The Pastor's Wife by Elizabeth von Arnim
  2. Whilst waiting for my dinner at Young's Inn, at the confluence of Salt River with the Ohio, I saw, at my leisure, immense legions still going by, with a front reaching far beyond the Ohio on the west, and the beech wood forest directly on the east of me. – True Stories about Cats and Dogs by Eliza Lee Follen
  3. No, she had not been as far as the beech- avenue; but she would like to go. – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley