Part of speech: noun

The projecting jaws of a bird; bill; also, the prow of a ship.

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Usage examples "beak":

  1. His eyes are keen enough, as you will know if you have watched him swoop down on a piece of bread in mid- air, and catch it neatly in his beak. - "On the Seashore", R. Cadwallader Smith.
  2. The breadth of his forehead, the brilliancy of his eyes, his beak- like nose, and all the upper part of his face inspire a certain awe. - "The Roman Question", Edmond About.
  3. The teacher says, " Observe closely and tell me exactly what you see- the length of the neck, the curve of the beak, the colors of the plumage," etc. - "The Moral Instruction of Children", Felix Adler.