Part of speech: noun

An Oriental market- place or range of shops.

Part of speech: noun

A fancy fair for charity.

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Usage examples "bazaar":

  1. He came up and asked me to tell him about some of the features of the bazaar. - "Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways", Jessie Graham Flower.
  2. In the evening we went to the grand bazaar in the St. Louis Hotel, got up to clothe the soldiers. - "Strange True Stories of Louisiana", George Washington Cable.
  3. After arranging his bazaar in such a way that he could close it quickly in case of need, he had a policeman accompany him for the short distance that separated his house from Simoun's. - "The Reign of Greed Complete English Version of 'El Filibusterismo'", Jose Rizal.