Part of speech: noun

A light bat used to drive a shuttlecock.

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Usage examples "battledore":

  1. She brandished the battledore as though to ward off the approaching Lord Simon, and repeated in a trembling voice: Lord Simon de Lacey- Duke of Aberfalden. - "Explorers of the Dawn", Mazo de la Roche.
  2. " He was also my pupil in his youth," said Mrs. Handsomebody, and the two talked on in the happiest fashion, till we took our leave, the whole family following us to the door, and " Baby" returning Mrs. Handsomebody's umbrella, and relieving her of the battledore without her having been aware of the negotiation. - "Explorers of the Dawn", Mazo de la Roche.
  3. She held it with one hand, as she poised her battledore with the other. - "Not Like Other Girls", Rosa N. Carey.