Part of speech: noun

The American linden- or whitewood- tree. Bass.

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Usage examples "basswood":

  1. All Winter the beautiful tree waved his bare branches in the air, and when the frosty snow sparkled on the meadows, and the stars were shining in the winter sky, the chilling wind swept through the woods, and the branches of the tall basswood made a sound like a sigh. - "Exciting Adventures of Mister Robert Robin", Ben Field.
  2. A shadow fell from above, and Robert Robin cocked his head on one side and looking up, saw Mister Jim Crow flying high above the top of the big basswood tree. - "Exciting Adventures of Mister Robert Robin", Ben Field.
  3. If the pulley is designed for heavy work, the wood should be maple, and should be well fastened by lag screws put through the iron rim; but for light work, it may be of basswood or pine, and the lag screws omitted. - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II", Joshua Rose.